• black spray paint
  • gold spray paint
  • marble contact paper
  • painter’s tape
  • craft knife

(The pictures start with the black areas already painted because I accidentally erased the earlier ones from my camera. I am a dork).

After giving the tables a  good scrubbing to get the city grime off, I taped off the gold areas and spray painted the rest two coats of matte black.  Then I reversed the taped off parts to spray the brass areas.

faux marble table  I first tried to restore the brass.  But it is plated, and had gotten scratched and rubbed off in some areas.  It was never going to look nice.  Still, I hesitated.  The dull gold color was either going to look fabulous or awful, and once it was done it was going to be too late.  I gotten pretty twisted up about it, then reminded myself this is only furniture and it was free, and just went for it.  Luckily, I think it looks awesome. Right? fauxmarbletable3  After the painting was done, all that was left to do was cover the tops with the marble paper.  These also needed a good scrubbing, and still had stains and paint splatters all over them (I really wish I had a picture to show you). I used a spackle knife to smooth to paper from the middle out as I unpeeled the backing.  I still  had a few small bubbles.  I popped those with a pin and pressed the air out.  I overlapped the 2 pieces by 1/4″ to join them together. faux marble table

Here’s a close up of the two pieces joined together.  You can see the seam when you look for it, but I think a marble pattern always looks a little random, so it doesn’t bother me. If you want to cover a whole surface in one piece, you can find larger width marble paper here.fauxmarbletable5 The finished table! My new nightstands from abandoned furniture for less than $20.fauxmarbletable6

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floral headband

  I recently had pictures taken of me with my growing baby bump.  I forgot to do this with Ella. I have one selfie of me in the bathroom with my shirt half hiked up. Not so lovely. This time around I decided to do it right (you can see it here). And since I was at it, I decided to glam it up and make myself a floral headband.  As soon I as I put it on my head, I stopped feeling like the stay puff’t marshmallow man and channeled my inner fertility goddess.

  But if you’re not bumping it, you can still wear a floral crown.  I love all the DIY flower crowns showing up at music festivals lately.  Make them for your bridesmaids or flower girls.  Go the renaissance faire.  And there’s always Halloween.  These are so much fun to wear.  And it only took me 10 minutes to make it and cost less than 10 bucks in supplies!

  I used artificial flowers I found at the craft store, but you could make this with real flowers, too!  Just wait until the day you plan on wearing it. (Or make it the night before and store it in the fridge-which could be a little iffy depending on the blooms you use.  If you’re making it for something important, like your wedding, make a test headband!).  Or dry some flowers ahead of time to make a longer lasting crown. floral headband


  • several stalks artificial or real flowers
  • headband
  • florist wire
  • scissors or wire cutters

  Cut your flowers apart, leaving about 4 inches of stem on each one.  Decide how you want them to be arranged on your headband.  Place the middle flower on the top of your headband, winding the stem around the headband.

floral headband Use the florist wire to secure it into place.

floral headband  Place the next two blooms next to middle flower.  Make them snug!  Wrap the stems, and secure with florist wire.  Keep going until all the flowers are in place.

Tip:  If any of the stems ends or wires are pointing down into the headband, trim them shorter so they don’t poke you in the head while you’re wearing it!

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pregant portrait  Another August, another disappearing act from me.  Last summer, I had a little dictator demanding my attention every moment, and really not caring at all that mommy wanted to blog.  This summer, that little dictator turned into a sweet, little (mostly) mommy’s little helper. Which came just in time, because dictator #2 in the making demanded a mommy nap daily.  And here it is, mid September, when most bloggers are posting about Halloween, and I’m just finally getting back online (pun so intended).  Forgive me.

  Besides being in an progesterone induced coma and having a five year old home on summer vacation, we also moved into much bigger apartment; we’ll need the space!  Friends were horrified that I had to say goodbye to my DIY stenciled wall, but c’est la vie.  I’m enthralled by all the new decorating opportunities.  And I finally have a (craft) room of my own!  Plus a new nursery to decorate, and a kitchen that is going to need some serious DIY magic to handle my level of output.

  So I’ve got some serious DIY home decorating posts coming up. Plus I have a whole new topic to work with: baby stuff! (This poor little baby has no idea what it’s being born into).  I’ve got about 11 weeks to go, and lots to do! Thanks for not giving up on my disappearing act (again). I hope you keep reading and creating with me.

And btw, it’s another girl. Yay!