The big eating holiday is coming! Halloween ends and I start counting the days til Thanksgiving. You too, right? I love it all, the turkey, the cranberry sauce, the stuffing...Sweet potatoes with mini marshmallows on them? Bring it! I love all the new recipes this time of year, all keeping with the theme but with [...]

  My dad died 17 days ago. He had been sick but I wasn't expecting it. That also happened to be my daughter's 6th birthday, and the day before my own. It's been a fuck of a couple of weeks.  The dust has settled a bit. We waded through the wake and the funeral. It [...]

  Do you ever wonder why people always want you to choose a category?  Beer versus wine? City versus suburbs? Dogs versus cats? Sweet vs. salty? Good versus evil?   When asked the penultimate question, I usually say salt.  Because I can stop myself from eating cake, but put a pizza in front of me [...]

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