It's the end of March, and winter here finally seems to be moving on.  The constant snow has turned into near constant rain-better, but a little glum.  A little perking up in the form of fancy carbs seemed to be in order this weekend.  Plus, for me, every spring I cut way back on [...]

I have had a little voice in my head for the past months that's been whispering "summer's coming".  And mostly I've been listening to it, eating (mostly)healthy and trying to workout.  Somehow, though, I always manage to cheat just enough that I never see any real difference on the scale. You made brownies? Sure, I'll [...]

The first time I made this recipe was not so good.  I had friends coming to visit (and due in 10 minutes), we had just finished construction in our apartment, we had not finished painting, my husband and I had a communication misstep (ok, fight) and my 4 year old daughter was naked and rappelling [...]

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