October 2014

The dictator demanded a basset hound costume this year.  She has a thing for dogs. We have a basset hound.  We are basset hound people.  So the costume request was not a surprise. The surprise was that no one makes a basset hound costume. As much as I enjoy a good DIY, making Halloween costumes [...]

  My dad died 17 days ago. He had been sick but I wasn't expecting it. That also happened to be my daughter's 6th birthday, and the day before my own. It's been a fuck of a couple of weeks.  The dust has settled a bit. We waded through the wake and the funeral. It [...]

black spray paint gold spray paint marble contact paper painter's tape craft knife (The pictures start with the black areas already painted because I accidentally erased the earlier ones from my camera. I am a dork). After giving the tables a  good scrubbing to get the city grime off, I taped off the gold areas [...]

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