April 2014

If winter is all about chocolate (at least, it is for me), then spring is all about lemon.  Lemon is bright, cheerful, with just a touch of a zing to it.  Isn't that what spring is all about?  Spring gives you a big sigh of relief, then occasionally turns around and bites you on the [...]

  I was so tickled by  the marshmallow eggs I made in my last post, that I wanted to try using the plastic eggs as molds again.  So I decided to make some bath bombs...again.  These are the other thing I make all the time.  One, because they're easy yet seem impressive (my mantra), and [...]

  I make marshmallows so often I might have to rename this blog. I've made honey based marshmallows, gingerbread men marshmallows, giant vanilla bean marshmallows to go in hot white chocolate....And here's the thing: I don't really like to eat them.  Ella will eat as many at a time as I let her (and that [...]

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