March 2014

  It's the end of March, and winter here finally seems to be moving on.  The constant snow has turned into near constant rain-better, but a little glum.  A little perking up in the form of fancy carbs seemed to be in order this weekend.  Plus, for me, every spring I cut way back on [...]

 Every so often I am released from the bonds of childcare and free to wander the night on my own.  When that happens, I usually go running for the Path train and head straight into Manhattan to spend some quality (aka drinking) time with my city friends.  This is a group I've known since college, [...]

  Here in the outskirts of New York City, it is fairly common for people to ask you where you're family's from.  Almost everyone at some point had ancestors pass through Ellis Island, and most of us are a good mix of nationalities.  My mix is Irish and German, which is a fairly common combination [...]

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