February 2014

  Do you ever wonder why people always want you to choose a category?  Beer versus wine? City versus suburbs? Dogs versus cats? Sweet vs. salty? Good versus evil?   When asked the penultimate question, I usually say salt.  Because I can stop myself from eating cake, but put a pizza in front of me [...]

It's been snowing here again. Again.  We could bundle up, go outside, shovel snow, go to work, be productive. Or....we could boycott the snow.  Stay inside.  Stay in our p.j's, pull on our thickest pair of socks.  Turn up the heat.   Play games, watch movies, read a book on the couch under our coziest blanket.  [...]

    Here's the thing I tell everyone who asks me for baking advice (and lots of times even when they don't).  Flour, sugar, even butter...you can get away with buying the cheap stuff.  You won't be able to tell the difference.  The thing that matters is the chocolate.  This is not the place to skimp.  [...]

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