January 2014

  In my single girl days, I was always one of those who professed my hatred of Valentine's Day.  It was the pose of a girl much too cool to care about such things (ha!), and insurance for when I was single on the dreaded day.  It's a cheesy holiday anyway!   When you get [...]

conjoined mittens

  To my way of thinking, there are few things in the world more satisfying to your soul than a pair of hand  knit mittens.  If you must endure winter, pulling on a pair before walking out the door is like giving yourself a hug and telling yourself it's all going to be ok.  The [...]

  Back in my child free days, I always developed a case of post-Christmas letdown come January.  No more pretty lights, no more presents, nothing to look forward to and it's so damn cold.  Post-kid, January is more about post-Christmas exhaustion.  You spend the month before making magical holiday memories for them and then they [...]

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