December 2013

I have a friend who does all her Christmas shopping in September.  Just as I am getting used to fall and the new school routine, she's announcing on Facebook that she's finished shopping.  As many times as I swear I will follow her lead, it's always the same.  A week before Christmas and I am [...]

Charles Darwin developed his theory of evolution largely by observing the Galapagos Islands.  Cut off from each other, each species evolved to to adapt to the particular landscape of the island they lived on.  Today, he could easily have come to the same conclusion by living in New York City.  The island of Manhattan is [...]

Christmas seems to be zooming up on me this year.  Is this happening to you, too?  Wasn't Thanksgiving yesterday?  It's two weeks until the big day, and there are still hundreds of cookies to bake, presents to buy and wrap, pies to bake...We just yesterday got the tree up and decorated.  It looks shiny and [...]

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