DIY: add upholstered cushions to chairs

add upholstery to chairs

So my last blog post I told you how I painted my mismatched kitchen chairs.  It was hot, and really, REALLY messy.  But worth it to see my little yellow beauties in the kitchen every morning as I drink one(ok, three) cups of coffee.

  But, for me, anything worth doing is worth overdoing and really stretching it out.  So I thought  if I added some upholstered cushions to the two chairs that didn’t have any they would look charmingly mismatched instead of like  2 pairs of free mismatched chairs I threw together.  And I needed some cush between my tush and the chairs.


  • medium density fiberboard cut to size
  • clamps
  • fabric
  • foam
  • spray adhesive
  • 4 carriage bolts and nuts per chair
  • drill gun with 1/2″ bit
  • staple gun and staples
  • scissors

I had my MDF cut to size at the Home Depot since I live in an apartment and don’t really have the space for a power saw.  I dream of a garage workshop the way some women dream of walk in closets or rooms of their own.  Actually, I dream about those, too.

  Clamp your board to your chairs and mark 4 places where to drill your holes.  Check to make sure you’re not going to hit anything on the bottom of the chair.

add upholstery to chairDrill through your board and the chair.add upholstery to chair   I sanded my corners a little and taped them off with duct tape so they wouldn’t tear through the fabric. Lay your board on top of your foam and trace the outline. Use scissors of a utility knife to cut it to size.add upholstery to chairsPut your board back onto the chair and insert the carriage bolts into the holes.add upholstery to chairsCoat your foam with the spray adhesive and put on top of the board.  Give it a good press down and let it dry for a while.add upholstery to chairsOnce your glue is dry, cut your fabric to fit the cushions.  Give yourself at least an extra 2 inches on each side.  Don’t forget to factor in the height of the cushion.add upholstery to chairsStaple into place and trim the excess fabric off.  Put the cushions back onto your chairs and screw in place with the carriage nuts. Done!add upholstery to chairsA view of the finished chairs in my kitchen.add upholstery to chairsAnd what they started out looking like.add upholstery to chairsTo read about how I painted them click here.  Or just go back one post.

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22 Responses to DIY: add upholstered cushions to chairs

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  2. Ched says:

    What is the thickness of the fiberboard that you used?

  3. This was absolutely brilliant. I originally planned to sew cushions to our office chairs and then saw this. We followed it to the “t” and man, I am loving how the chairs and stools turned out. Your tutorial was really fantastic. Thank you St. Pinterest for allowing me to find you!

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  5. Ebony says:

    Can I do the same on the arms of a wooden captain chair?

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  7. Michael says:

    Thanks so much for this tutorial! I was sitting in my “new to me” desk chair this morning thinking about how it’s actually a pretty sturdy chair and that I should just add some DIY love and make it pretty. Now I know exactly what to do!

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  9. Ellen Sallas says:

    Wow — you have blown me away. I can’t wait to do this, and your blog has made it possible. I will see what else you can teach me!! Hugs, DIYNewbie-Ellen in AL

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  11. amy says:

    Thank you so much for this detailed how-to. My husband and I combined our skills and redid our Ikea chairs (with a washable vinyl to deter toddler messes) and they look amazing!

  12. Haleigh Jeffreys says:

    So glad I found this post! I have three chairs that are the traditional bow back chairs that typically come with your oak pedestal dining tables. I’ve refurbished them with Annie Sloan chalk paint and they look great but I am running into a problem. I want to add cushions just as you did, but your seats were squared off. I’m trying to figure out how to shape off my cushions.
    Thanks for sharing!

  13. Natalie says:

    Lovely set of chairs! Just out of curiosity, how much fabric did you need for this project?

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  15. Christy says:

    I have 2 antique chairs that are wooden and seats are coming apart because it’s like the basket weave / Raton stuff. I’m not good w/ correct names of fabric but would appreciate any ideas???

    • krista says:

      Christy- it sounds like those chairs are in need of some attention. You could definitely turn them into upholstered chairs. Just make sure the wood you attach the foam to is bigger than the opening left by the old rattan, and that you have a place to attach the carriage bolts to. Good luck!

  16. melissa says:

    i am so excited i found this pin! i have these chairs and was searching specifically for cushion ideas for them! what kind/brand of foam did you use?

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  18. That is great! I have a chair that doesn’t have a cushion and now I will know how to do it!

  19. Francine says:

    Thank you so much for this idea and excellent tutorial! Now I know how to get nice comfy chairs for my craft roon/office.

  20. Colleen says:

    Really love how your chairs turned out and how you made them look more like a set, great choice of colour and fabric!

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