May 2013

Today is an exciting and nerve wracking day.  I am baking a cake.  Normally, baking a cake doesn't lead to such dramatic emotions.  It's usually fairly relaxing.  But this is different for three reasons. 1) It's a cake I've never made before. 2) It looks really difficult. 3) It is my first challenge for the [...]

  Today is Friday, the first day of Memorial Day Weekend.  Even though I know that technically it doesn't start for another month, this day is always the first day of summer to me.  And the weekend is always fantastic.  There are barbeques, and parties, and inevitably I am forced to take my 4 year [...]

I have had a little voice in my head for the past months that's been whispering "summer's coming".  And mostly I've been listening to it, eating (mostly)healthy and trying to workout.  Somehow, though, I always manage to cheat just enough that I never see any real difference on the scale. You made brownies? Sure, I'll [...]

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