April 2013

dandelion vases

It's spring here, finally!  And the parks are spotted with little yellow dots everywhere you look.  Dandelions.  Most people think they are weeds.  To my daughter, they are beautiful little flowers that she picks for me everywhere we go.  She presents them to me with such  pride.  She tells me in her little girl voice [...]

So a couple of weeks ago, my husband takes the dog out for a walk.  He sends me a text saying there is a bookshelf on the street and should he grab it? (We need new furniture desperately, but are on a really tight budget).  He sends this picture: It looks sort of interesting, but [...]

The first time I made this recipe was not so good.  I had friends coming to visit (and due in 10 minutes), we had just finished construction in our apartment, we had not finished painting, my husband and I had a communication misstep (ok, fight) and my 4 year old daughter was naked and rappelling [...]

but wait, there's more