February 2013

Chances are, you probably have one of these tacky green florist vases hanging around your house. (When my husband's grandparents passed away and we cleaned out their house, we found dozens of them.  Sigh...What a love story).  I hate to throw them away.  Actually, I hate to just throw anything away. I think about the [...]

Yesterday my daughter had a play date with her best buddy, who's a boy.  He wanted to play pirates.  She wanted to play wedding.  He refused and there was much drama.  And then they played pirates.  And his mother and I just looked at each other and nodded our heads.  It starts so young... Why [...]

Happy Groundhog's Day!  I love this holiday.  It's completely frivolous, it revolves around a small furry animal, and I'm not expected to buy anyone a gift.  Punxsutawney Phil didn't see his shadow this year. I go by Phil.  Staten Island Chuck is a copycat. But you can follow whichever one you want. But I go [...]

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