December 2012

With 38 cookies left to go in the 2,000 cookie marathon, I give you...chocolate chip cookies.  Does that seem like a strange choice?  Not Christmas-y at all?  A little anticlimactic?  I agree.  So why chocolate chip cookies?  Because when my daughter was talking to Santa last week, she told him we were going to leave [...]

I found this recipe in Food & Wine and knew I had to try it.  These are traditional German cookies that, according to Wikipedia, Nuremberg is famous for (not the first thing I think of when I hear the word Nuremberg)  Having German ancestors but absolutely no old world traditions in my family, I envisioned [...]

Things were going too well.  I was overdue for an epic failure, and here it is.  I had never made these before, but felt confident.  I was liking the idea of adding some international tastes to the cookie bonanza.  Lots of people make these for Christmas.  My mother made them as a child, although she [...]

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