November 2012

Every year, when the Christmas baking begins a few days after Thanksgiving,  these are the first cookies I make.  This is first, because they're easy.  It's the first dip of my toe into the long baking season. Later,  I will make the bon bons, the bars, homemade caramel and meringue, the six step cookies and [...]

If you were to look inside my refrigerator, you would see an expanse of round black takeout containers.  Ironically, everything in them is homemade.  Soup, pasta, sauces, whole dinner leftovers ready to reheat.  If I cook, I cook in bulk.  And what you will always find, if you shuffle those containers around enough, is dip. [...]

When I think of pie, I think of summer.  Fruit, cups of tea, fragile maiden aunts with a rolling pin...There is something decidedly feminine about pie.  Never mind apple pie, which you shouldn't even try to make until fall. So if peach pie is summer, and apple pie is fall, then this pie is winter. [...]

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